We’re Delaunay, a Tokyo-based web production team driven by two words: Convey and Connect.
We’ll take in what you want to convey and connect it to the hearts of your customers.
Our goal is to spread the projects and products you poured your heart and soul into and connect them to the future.

We think

It’s been over 20 years since the spread of the Internet. Nowadays, people can access countless information by merely entering their desired keywords in a small box with a magnifying glass icon. And then, to further narrow down this information, users will access the homepages of several businesses. This moment will be the first time your customer stands at your entrance. However, you may not be present during such an event. You may be sleeping, enjoying a meal, or are in the bathroom. This is how company entrances work on the Internet. Anyone can visit them 24/7. Should this be called convenient or scary? We’d say most will find the latter to be true. In a real-life entrance, your customer would be greeted by experienced staff and polite receptionists, with fascinating products lined up on the shelves. However, on the Internet, you’ll only have a pamphlet. Your entrance will be unmanned, with no fancy vases, rugs, nor cool paintings on the wall to entice them. As for online stores, a lot of them are more like unmanned watermelon shops. We at Delaunay regard homepages as the first place your customers will visit. We design cozy, stress-free homepages as the 0th entrance, where your customer will feel hospitality as if someone were greeting them, eliminating excess or lack of information. We strive to convey solid information, leading the services and products born from your hard work.

what we can

  • ディレクション


  • WEBデザイン


  • コーディング


  • CMS

    Contents management system

  • EC・オンラインストア

    EC / Online store

  • 各種設定・契約

    Settings / Contracts

  • SEO対策

    Search engine optimization

  • レスポンシブ対応


  • スピーディな制作

    Speedy production

Business flow

  • 01

  • 02

  • 03

  • 04

    Design proposal
  • 05

    Test up
  • 06

  • 07

    Operation / Troubleshooting


Types Self employment
Content Website production
Founded April 2017
Area Greater Tokyo area and the whole country
Contact We only accept inquiries from the inquiry form.


  • Shimizu Kazutoyo

    Born in 1983, Kiryu City, Gunma Prefecture.Became independent after working for a web production company in Tokyo.

  • Kishimoto Asako

    Born in 1990, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture.Former system integrator at a web production company



Please feel free to contact us even if you don’t have a clear plan yet.
We’ll join you in formulating a solution.